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Sylmar Workers’ Compensation Lawyer

Workers’ rights have come a long way, especially in California, where employees have a wide range of protections available to them. When you suffer a workplace injury, you don’t have to jump through hoops to get the benefits you deserve—you simply have to follow the steps to apply for workers’ compensation.

There are still circumstances where a Sylmar workers’ compensation attorney is necessary. If you’re struggling to submit your paperwork on time, provide proof of your injury, or respond after a claim denial, let us help. At Pisegna & Zimmerman, LLC, we are Virtual Ready and prepared to meet with your over Zoom. Get your paperwork submitted and filed quickly with DocuSign so you can recover at home. Call our team at 818-888-8888 to set up your meeting now.

You Need a Workers’ Compensation Lawyer—Here’s Why You Should Choose Pisegna & Zimmerman, LLC

When do you need a workers’ comp attorney? When the workers’ compensation system works as intended, you may be able to work through it on your own. Employers that process claims quickly and don’t stand in the way of your benefits make it easy for you. But if your employer is trying to delay filing, insisting that you handle your injury claim outside the workers’ compensation system, or implying that you aren’t actually injured, you’re at risk of losing benefits completely. At that point, it’s time to bring in the legal team at Pisegna & Zimmerman, LLC.

While dishonest employers are one of the main reasons employees bring in a Sylmar workers’ compensation attorney, it isn’t the only one. An experienced attorney is also an excellent resource if your workers’ comp provider would like to negotiate a lump sum settlement, since you want to ensure that your settlement covers all of your related expenses. Our team is also ready to step up if you’ve been targeted by your employer or manager simply for filing a claim. It is illegal to retaliate against employees by dropping their hours, firing them, or otherwise disciplining them.

You can feel confident about your choice when you hire Pisegna & Zimmerman, LLC. Our knowledge of workers’ compensation and unsafe work environment lawyers give us the experience we need to address your claim head-on.

Dangerous Industries in California

Injuries can happen any time and in any industry. However, a handful of industries consistently have higher hates of workers’ compensation claims than others. These fields include:

  • Forestry and fishing
  • Education
  • Construction
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation

Injuries vary widely, ranging from cuts and bruises that heal without intervention to fatal or catastrophic injuries. Regardless of how severe your injury is, you deserve fair compensation.

Can Your Workplace Deny Your Claim?

There are certain situations in which your employer or their workers’ compensation provider can deny your claim. However, these are few and far between. While employers may claim that they can deny a claim if your error caused your injury or they were not at fault, that isn’t the case. Even if your own mistake led to an accident or no one was responsible for your injury, you are still entitled to workers’ compensation. That’s why it’s so important to talk to an experienced Sylmar workers’ compensation attorney if your claim has been denied or delayed.

Under California law, there are several reasons your claim can be rightfully denied. They include:

  • Criminal activity: If you were engaged in criminal activity at the time of the injury, your workers’ compensation plan will not pay out benefits to you. For example, if you were working in a garage and caused an accident while illegally joyriding in a customer’s car, you would likely not receive any compensation.
  • Intentional injuries: Some employees have been caught purposefully getting injured in order to receive workers’ comp payments. When the insurer catches people in these schemes, they refuse to pay benefits.
  • Under the influence of drugs or alcohol: If you were under the influence when you are injured, your employer may deny you benefits after a drug and alcohol screening.
  • Physical violence: Starting a fight at work can not only get you fired, it can bar you from receiving workers’ compensation benefits. Instigators of fights are not eligible for benefits for injuries resulting from fights.

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