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Santa Clarita Unsafe Work Environment Lawyer

When you or a loved one suffer injuries at work because of an unsafe work environment, a skilled personal injury attorney can evaluate your case and determine what benefits and compensation are available to you. The unsafe work environment attorneys at Pisegna & Zimmerman offer a free consultation and charge you nothing unless we win your case.

The legal team at Pisegna & Zimmerman offers their clients:

  • More than 60 years of combined legal experience successfully representing clients in all matters of workers’ compensation, personal injury, and social security disability law
  • A full-service law firm that takes care of all the legal work on your behalf
  • The resources to fill out any necessary paperwork, conduct all investigations to support your case and represent you in the courtroom if it is needed

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How Santa Clarita Unsafe Work Environment Lawyers May be Able to Help

Unsafe work environment lawsuits can be lengthy and complex. Employers are supplied attorneys by their insurance companies to defend against workers’ claims. An experienced unsafe workplace attorney can help your case in the following ways:

  • Gathering evidence of the dangerous condition
  • Taking sworn statements from witnesses also exposed to the unsafe working condition
  • Taking sworn statements from your employer and management
  • Taking sworn statements from the OSHA investigator
  • Gathering any records from your employer and OSHA documenting the violations

At Pisegna & Zimmerman, we charge nothing to evaluate your case. Therefore, if you are seriously injured, call today. Do not leave your financial compensation solely to the insurance company.

What Constitutes an Unsafe Work Environment?

All working Americans have the right to a safe work environment. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration, OSHA, workers are entitled to the following:

  • Training on the health and safety standards your employer must follow
  • Training on any hazardous chemicals you are exposed to, and how to protect yourself
  • Training on any health and safety hazards of your workplace
  • Request OSHA, work injury, and workers rights information from your employer
  • Request your employer to fix OSHA violations and hazards
  • Request an OSHA inspection and its results
  • File a complaint of retaliation for exercising your rights

An unsafe work environment occurs when an employee is unable to perform their required daily duties because the physical conditions of the workplace are too dangerous. The physical condition could affect only the workplace equipment, a single room, or the entire workplace property. Unsafe work environments are more common on construction sites, but can be inclusive to any work environment.

Can I Sue My Employer for an Unsafe Work Environment in Santa Clarita?

All employees have the right to a safe work environment. When there is a safety danger at the workplace, an employee can take the following steps:

  • Inform the supervisor
  • File a complaint with human resources
  • File a complaint with OSHA
  • File a lawsuit for any injuries sustained due to the unsafe work environment

If the workplace poses an imminent threat to life, an employee may refuse to work until the employer resolves the threat. Unless there is an imminent threat, it is usually best to not resign from a job. Leaving could affect the ability to file a valid complaint.

What Types of Compensation are Available for an Unsafe Work Environment Injury?

Although workers’ compensation places limits on recovery to just medical bills and a portion of lost wages, an unsafe work environment lawsuit is a civil lawsuit. This allows an unsafe work environment attorney to demand compensation for:

  • All medical expenses
  • All lost wages
  • Loss of future income
  • Replacement services
  • Consortium claims by your family
  • Pain and suffering

To find out if workers’ compensation or a civil lawsuit would best benefit you, contact the unsafe work lawyers of Pisegna & Zimmerman. Unsafe working conditions and the possibility of imminent danger are serious matters that you should discuss with an attorney. There are time limits to filing a claim or lawsuit, so call our attorneys today for personalized advice.

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