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Canoga Park Valley Permanent Disability Lawyers

The Social Security Administration, or SSA, was established to oversee the distribution of benefits to American workers already paid for via deductions from their paychecks. Over the years, the SSA has grown into an extensive system with processing wait times on some claims as long as two years. Estimates show a majority of initial disability claims are denied and must enter the appeals process.

The Canoga Park permanent disability attorneys of Pisegna & Zimmerman want to help you receive the permanent disability benefits you paid for and deserve. Our permanent disability lawyers are:

  • Experienced assisting people to apply for benefits and appeal their denials
  • Knowledgeable as to what documents are required along with your application, what conditions you must meet to qualify, and how to prepare the most substantial claim or appeal
  • Timely in meeting deadlines and getting your benefits as soon as possible

The Canoga Park permanent disability lawyers of Pisegna & Zimmerman serve clients throughout the San Fernando Valley, and our neighboring communities of Reseda, Winnetka, West Hills & North Hills.

Contact our law firm NOW at (818) 888-8888 for a FREE consultation, or fill out a contact form and we will reach out to you directly. We are a “Virtual Ready” law firm – we can meet with you over Zoom and utilize DocuSign for rapid legal form processing. When needed, we can travel to your location to discuss your matter personally. We are only paid when you receive benefits.

How can Experienced Permanent Disability Attorneys in Canoga Park Help my Situation?

A permanent disability attorney can help you avoid the most common mistakes made by applicants that end up either delaying their benefits or resulting in a denial of their claim. The lawyers at Pisegna & Zimmerman can work with you to:

  • Ensure your claim is complete
  • Collect and sort medical evidence on your behalf
  • Work directly with your physician or other healthcare providers to gather supportive opinion statements or letters
  • Stay in communication with the Social Security Administration on your behalf
  • File necessary appeals
  • Represent you at disability hearings

No one is required to have an attorney when filing for permanent disability, but having an attorney dramatically increases your chances for approval. Call the permanent disability lawyers at Pisegna and Zimmerman today to learn more about the Social Security disability process and your rights within the Social Security system.

Eligibility Requirements for Permanent Disability Benefits, or SSDI

There is a list of medical conditions kept by the Social Security Administration that can automatically qualify a person for some disability benefits and possibly permanent disability. If a person is afflicted by one of the medical conditions below, they are considered disabled and eligible to receive benefits. These conditions include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Musculoskeletal problems, such as back conditions and other dysfunctions of the joints and bones
  • Senses and speech issues, such as vision and hearing loss
  • Respiratory illnesses, such as asthma and cystic fibrosis
  • Cardiovascular conditions, such as chronic heart failure or coronary artery disease
  • Digestive tract problems, such as liver disease and inflammatory bowel disease
  • Neurological disorders, such as multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, Parkinson’s disease, and epilepsy
  • Blood disorders, such as sickle cell disease or hemophilia
  • Mental disorders, such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, or intellectual disability
  • Immune system disorders, such as HIV/AIDS, lupus, rheumatoid arthritis, and kidney disease

This is the list for adults. The list for children also includes growth impairment. Disability benefits are available for other clinically recognized medical conditions.

What Documents are Required to File for Permanent Disability?

Medical evidence is necessary to receive any disability benefits. Medical evidence consists of all recent records of the disabling medical condition. They need to include the period from the start of the disability to the present time.

Medical records must show that the condition is severe enough to prevent a person from performing standard work-related duties. Accepted documents include:

  • History of physician examination
  • Treatment notes or reports
  • MRI
  • CAT scan
  • X-rays
  • Mental health records
  • Blood work panels

To find out more about qualifying for permanent disability, contact Pisegna & Zimmerman located in Canoga Park. We help clients with permanent disability claims throughout the San Fernando Valley, including Reseda, Winnetka, West Hills & North Hills and the neighboring communities. It is often confusing to navigate the Social Security system and its multitude of rules and forms.

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