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Do you know your rights after a workplace injury in Pacoima? Workers’ compensation helps injured employees get medical care and wage replacement while they heal, but many workers still don’t know what they are entitled to. If you think that you have to prove that someone else caused your injury or that you did nothing wrong to cause the accident, it’s time to learn more about what you should receive under California workers’ compensation law.

At Pisegna & Zimmerman, LLC, we know that workers’ compensation can be a lifeline for employees who have been hurt at work. We also know that employers will sometimes try to keep employees from filing claims. At our Virtual Ready firm, you can have your consultation over Zoom and handle legal forms with DocuSign, allowing you to stay home and recover. Call a Pacoima workers’ compensation lawyer at 818-888-8888 to set up a FREE consultation now.

Steps to Take After a Workplace Injury

Making the right decisions after a workplace injury can help you when it’s time to file your claim with the Division of Workers’ Compensation. Follow these steps to get the treatment you need and prepare for a workers’ compensation claim.

  • Avoid doing anything to make the injury worse. If you aren’t sure how bad the injury is, don’t try to walk it off or otherwise handle it on your own. You could make it worse and actually threaten your recovery.
  • Report the accident to your supervisor. Immediately report the accident to your supervisor or manager. They should be fully trained in workplace injuries and know what steps to take next.
  • Fill out any necessary paperwork. You may have to fill out workers’ compensation paperwork or an internal form about the injury and what happened. If the injury is severe enough, you may not do this step until after you have stabilized.
  • Seek prompt medical care. Depending on where you work, you may go to a company doctor or an outside physician approved by your employer.
  • Keep track of any documentation or paperwork you receive. Whenever you receive paperwork or documentation related to your injury, make physical and digital copies before storing the original. If you need to take legal action, this evidence will be helpful.
  • Contact a Pacoima workers’ comp attorney if necessary. If you experience any delays or roadblocks in your workers’ compensation claim, it is time to discuss your issues with a workers’ comp lawyer.

Temporary and Permanent Disability in California

Once your workers’ compensation claim is approved, you will receive either temporary or permanent disability benefits. Most injuries only pay out temporary disability benefits, as they heal fully and allow you to return to your regular work duties. If you receive temporary disability benefits, you can only receive benefits for up to 104 weeks in the five years following the injury.

If your injury never fully heals, you may be entitled to permanent disability benefits. These are paid out to employees who are unable to return to their previous role as a result of their injury.

Common Reasons Workers’ Compensation Claims Are Denied

Workers’ compensation is a system that should benefit workers and employers by streamlining injury claims and limiting risk on both sides. Despite this, a surprising number of valid claims are still denied every single year. Some commonly reported reasons include:

  • “The injury did not happen at work.” Employers may suspect that an injury did not occur at work if the type of injury that’s reported doesn’t line up with the employee’s work.
  • “The employee falsified the injury claim.” If the company believes you lied about the injury completely, they will likely deny the claim. Some people believe that you must have a witness to your injury to receive benefits, but that isn’t true. You may just need to put in a little more work to get benefits.
  • “The employee was under the influence of drugs or alcohol.” Under California law, workers’ compensation is not paid out to employees who get hurt because of impairment.
  • “The injury happened because the employee was trying to get hurt.” Intentional injuries do not qualify an employee for workers’ compensation.

Why You Should Choose Pisegna & Zimmerman, LLC for Your Claim

Our firm’s commitment to workers’ compensation cases comes from a deep-rooted belief in employees’ rights. Our Pacoima workers’ comp lawyers know that employees work hard to support their employers, and we don’t think they should be left without recourse when they are hurt at work. Through our in-depth knowledge of California law regarding workers’ compensation and unsafe work environments, extensive experience in workers’ compensation claims, and history of aggressive representation, we strive to fight for the workers of California.

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