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When you or a loved one suffer a work injury, you need an experienced Los Angeles workers’ compensation lawyer on your side to ensure you receive all benefits and compensation to which you are entitled. The work injury attorneys at Pisegna & Zimmerman are:

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At Pisegna & Zimmerman, our legal team consists of work injury lawyers and fluent speakers of English, Spanish, Farsi, Armenian, and Cambodian. There is no cost to you unless we recover benefits or a settlement on your behalf. Please call our office today at (818) 888-8888 for a free case evaluation and consultation.

Experienced Los Angeles Worker’s Compensation Lawyers Can Help

Mexico Consulate lawyersThe experienced Los Angeles work injury attorneys at Pisegna & Zimmerman offer invaluable advice and assistance when dealing with the often complicated workers’ compensation system. Pisegna & Zimmerman is also the Consular Lawyers for the Mexican Consulate in Santa Ana for Workers’ Compensation. While this might be your first or only interaction with the workers’ compensation system, the work injury lawyers at Pisegna & Zimmerman represent clients’ interests every day at hearings, trials, depositions, oral arguments, mediations, arbitrations, and other workers’ compensation proceedings.

Additionally, the legal team at Pisegna & Zimmerman:

  • Assists clients with understanding and procuring their benefits, including appropriate medical care
  • Communicates with their clients’ employers on their work status
  • Negotiates settlements on behalf of their clients

Workers’ compensation claims require timely filings and time-consuming paperwork. The attorneys at Pisegna & Zimmerman are ready to help guide you through your claim. Do not delay and miss important deadlines, call Pisegna & Zimmerman today!

Handling Workers’ Compensation Claims Throughout Los Angeles County

Workers’ compensation is a state-mandated system that covers workers for injuries suffered while on their job. It is a system of no-fault coverage that ensures an injured worker’s job is protected, injury costs are covered, and the worker does not lose earned income during their recovery.

Workers’ compensation protects workers from paying out-of-pocket to cover medical costs and lost wages due to work-related injuries. Workers’ compensation is statutory, meaning every state requires employers of a particular size to offer workers’ compensation coverage for their employees. Workers’ compensation is intended to protect both employees and employers.

Unlike most work injury cases, workers’ compensation claims are not required to show fault. This means evidence of the injury at work is the only proof that an employee needs to receive compensation. This simplified process of quick payoffs protects employers from lawsuits brought against them over work-related injuries.

What Types of Injuries are Covered by a Workers Compensation Claim?

Workers compensation covers injuries such as the following:

  • Injuries occurring on employer property or at employer events
  • Injuries caused by employer properties, such as employer equipment
  • Injuries from exposure to dangerous conditions
  • Affliction or aggravation to pre-existing injuries or conditions

However, workers should not expect compensation for any injury that occurs while working in an impaired state, acting in direct violation of employer rules or guidelines, or injuries resulting from participating in a non-work related activity while at work.

How Does a Workers Compensation Claim Work?

Workers compensation claims involve three primary parties: the worker, the employer, and an insurance provider. The aim is to ensure fair compensation for the injured worker, following state guidelines. This system of arbitration benefits both the worker and the employer, offering a quick resolution and protection from personal injury lawsuits. However, it’s important to be aware of off-record settlements, which lack the guarantees provided by workers’ compensation. Seeking advice from a local workers’ compensation attorney, such as Pisegna & Zimmerman in Los Angeles, is crucial before settling. Act promptly, as there are time limits to file your claim by the states workers’ compensation laws.

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Parties Involved in a Workers’ Compensation Claim:

The worker, employer, and insurance provider are the primary parties.

Their goal is to determine fair compensation based on the severity of the worker’s injuries, adhering to state workers’ compensation laws.

Arbitration System Benefits for Both Parties:

The system aims to benefit both the worker and the employer, ensuring a positive outcome.

Workers receive quick payoffs without court involvement, covering their damages.

Employers are protected from personal injury lawsuits related to the injury.

Understanding Off-Record Settlements:

In some cases, employers and employees opt for off-record settlements to avoid increased insurance rates.

While these settlements may offer more money than workers’ compensation, they lack the protections guaranteed by the workers’ compensation system.

Seek Legal Advice Before Settling:

It is crucial to consult a local workers’ compensation attorney before reaching a settlement.

Pisegna & Zimmerman, renowned workers’ comp attorneys in Los Angeles, can explain your rights and the benefits you are entitled to.

With a time limit to file your claim, don’t hesitate to request a free consultation via our online form or by calling Pisegna & Zimmerman today.